Laund-o-mat at the End of the World - Hamilton Fringe Festival 2009

LAUND–O–MAT AT THE END OF THE WORLD – (Quarter To Nine Productions). Michael Hannigan and Shari Vandermolen put on two of the most charismatic performances not only of the festival, but also of any show this city has seen in years. Combined with a set and a clever script by Peter Gruner that are beyond that which you usually find in a fringe festival, this show must not be missed. - View Magazine

The actors have mastered the fireworks with their impressive skills, and the director has cleverly hidden the target. - Tom Mackan for Raise the Hammer


I'll Be Seeing You... - Hamilton Fringe Festival 2010

“She takes a song and gives it emotional depth and edge.  She not only sings it magnificently she acts the heart and soul out of it…  When she tackles such hurting songs and raw pain surges from her throat, that pain finds you in the dark and makes you shiver with pleasure.”   - Gary Smith, The Hamilton Spectator

“…hear Vandermolen make jelly of your emotions with her voice and her art… one example is Stormy Weather… I barely weathered that storm intact.”  - Tom Mackan, community reviewer

“…this particular show is not only a collection of songs that remind you of days gone by but “I’ll Be Seeing You” simultaneously reminds you how songs and lyrics can still have such a huge impact on the listener in the present day….  its unexpected twist and Vandermolen’s quiet reprise, had me tear up. Not an easy thing to do.”    - Amanda Nesbitt, community reviewer


David Mamet's OLEANNA - FEB 2011 @ The Staircase

"This is a very worthwhile production.    This play illustrates the truth that so often goes unnoticed that both men and women are victims of patriarchy. John admits to being emotionally abused, though he doesn’t call it that, and his use of language effectively re–abuses Carol. Certain theories of conflict resolution posit that small abuses, uncorrected, escalate to full violence, and Oleanna illustrates that beautifully. These are both damaged people, really, unable to stop the cycle of violence. Deeply sad, but very, very, gripping theatre."  - Robin Pittis, View Magazine


Minced - Hamilton Fringe Festival and Studio Theatre Aquarius 2011

There is no better way to kick off a Fringe festival, ANY Fringe festival, than with the performance of Minced ...Jo Skilton and Shari Vandermolen put on an acting clinic worthy of a professional show... This reviewer got the sense that he just witnessed a heavyweight-boxing match that went all twelve rounds, each competitor getting their punches in. In the end, the real winner is the audience. If you see one show this Fringe, make it Minced. - Ryan Trepanier, Community Reviewer

The studio theatre was at capacity for a performance rewarded by a standing ovation.  If that doesn’t convince you to take in the show nothing will! - A. Myers Gomez, Communtiy Reviewer

The rapid fire exchanges are breath taking and the meaningful pauses allow the audience to catch its breath in anticipation of the next round. - Marion Rutter, Community Reviewer