LONGJOHN BLUES - sHARI vANDERMOLEN & Quarter to nine @ The steel City jazz festival

Feeling Good - Shari Vandermolen & Quarter To Nine @ The Steel City Jazz Festival



Photos by Madison Rose Photography, Luke Fillion Photography, and Bob Hatcher Photography


“She takes a song and gives it emotional depth and edge.  She not only sings it magnificently she acts the heart and soul out of it…  When she tackles such hurting songs and raw pain surges from her throat, that pain finds you in the dark and makes you shiver with pleasure.”   -  The Hamilton Spectator

“Shari’s training as an actor imbues her music with an emotional edge that takes us places we have never been with these songs. Quarter to Nine is an experience as much as a concert.”— Barbara Milne, The Pearl Company, Hamilton


“…hear Vandermolen make jelly of your emotions with her voice and her art… one example is Stormy Weather… I barely weathered that storm intact.”  - View Magazine

“…this particular show is not only a collection of songs that remind you of days gone by but [Shari Vandermolen] simultaneously reminds you how songs and lyrics can still have such a huge impact on the listener in the present day….  Vandermolen’s quiet reprise had me tear up. Not an easy thing to do.”    -  View Magazine


“This fiery and stirring recording will leave its mark on you...The wonderful frontlady uses an actor’s craft when belting out these incredible tunes. You can really feel the conviction and emotion in each song. The rest of the unbelievable band bumps and bops with skill and panache throughout.” - Hamilton Blues Lovers